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This is a book about the true system of health that keeps humans thriving. I’m writing it chapter-by-chapter here on Substack, so you can comment! This will help me produce a better book, and answer any questions readers have as I go along. This will help future readers of the book. In return for your comments and feedback, you get to read my book for free, first! Just use the comments section below each chapter, or email me directly at veronica@veronicahaupt.com.

It is written for both health practitioners, and anyone who wants to understand how to achieve and maintain lifelong excellent health – without harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

You’ll want to follow if you already know there’s something wrong with the medical industry. This book will give you the information you need to know what that is; why the current system prevails,;; and how to keep your clients or family healthy. 

It’s also an expose on the entrenched medical establishment that is currently holding the world to ransom. You’ll want to know this if you’re seeing through the lies, but don’t have the answers to what you intuitively know is wrong! If you’ve heard of the ‘germ vs. terrain’ debate, you’ll know what I mean. I’ll be unpacking this in more detail.

Who Is Veronica Haupt?

Hi! I’m an author, researcher, holistic health practitioner and psychotherapist. My expertise is mental and emotional wellbeing, and the connection between this and physical disease. I’ve developed The Depression Protocol, that gets people permanently depression-free, without drugs.

I wrote my first book in 2006; this is my second.

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